April 5, 2020

April fools

Kyler’s idea of a joke was to replace our toilet paper with rolls of duct tape.

Layla’s idea included lots of sweet gifts.

Layla and I brainstormed at lunch and we decided to take an empty Little Ceasars pizza box from our lunch and fill it with a treat instead of pizza. We would leave it on our cousins doorstep and they would be totally tricked when they opened the pizza box!

So that’s what we did. We filled the boxes with donuts from Bosa. On the inside of the box, Layla wrote April Fools!

They ended up dropping one off with cousins and the other one off at a friends house.

Layla’s pranks did not stop there. While I was reading in my room, she told me to come out because she found something. A box of donuts was left on the floor by more door. Then Eric jumped out and scared me. But the real trick was when I opened the box of donuts and there were actually no donuts to be found. It was filled granola bars, candy, and a banana. Tricky!

Layla was on a roll. 

She left a cup for her big brothers and a note that told them to have a nice big drink before bed. When Kyler went to take a drink, oranges fell out of the cup instead of the cool water he was expecting. Fooled!

She had one more trick up her sleeve.

When Kyler and Kacin went to bed, they each found a small gift on their pillows.

Layla wins as the biggest trickster on this April Fools day! 
(I really like the way she thinks about this holiday..:) )