March 6, 2020


We had TWO high school wrestlers this season.

It was such a fun season to watch. Kacin won the majority of his matches and had some great mat time. He was invited to wrestle with varsity a couple of times. He is an incredibly strong kid!

Forever his cheerleader--Brinna bug.

We were so thrilled to see Kyler out on the mat this year, too! He learned so much and had a great time on the team. I think he regrets not wrestling sooner than his sophomore year. But we are so proud of how hard he worked and all of his successes out there.

When I watch these wrestlers I am seriously in awe of their physical and mental toughness, their strength, and their grit. Wrestling matches are intense and fun.

Kyler's favorite tournament was out in Yuma. Unfortunately, we didn't get to go watch it. And this was pretty much the end of the season for him. He got a concussion at one of his practices and ended up missing out on the last few weeks of wrestling.

At the end of the season, we celebrated all of these great wrestlers at their banquet.

Kyler flashed me his classic smile while on stage.

Awesome team. Finished the season 6th in the state.

Go Pumas!

The boys are going to continue with freestyle wrestling for the rest of the year. And we are looking forward to the next school wrestling season.