March 17, 2020

Valentines Day

One of my favorite days of the year! 
Valentine’s Day. 
A simple day to celebrate love.

I wanted to get individual pictures of each one of my kids. Instead, I only got pictures of the most cooperative one. This girl loves to say cheese for a camera.

Can I bottle that grin up and keep it forever?

I can count on one hand the number of times in my entire life that I have attempted any type of French braid. This is one of them. She might be my only kid willing and able to sit still so I can practice.

Kyler is creative and sweet and brought polar pops to three of his girl friends at school on the day. With a message that he was “SODAng lucky” to be their friend or something like that. He made one for Brighton after school too so he had the excuse to go pick him up.

Layla and Perry came home with a valentines bag full of treats and cards they exchanged at school.

As soon as Eric came home from work we had a family party. (Plus Brighton)

We passed out the simple homemade valentines we created for each other. These love notes to each other are so precious to me.

Eric surprised each of us girls with our own flowers. So sweet!

Then we played a series of valentines games—musical hearts, heart bean bag toss, do you love your neighbor, Valentine’s Day Pictionary, etc. (Perry was successful at all of these games!! Yippee!) We ended our party with cookies, conversation hearts, and red hots. I love this family of mine and I’m grateful for sweet moments like this to soak in that love and celebrate together.