March 10, 2020

These days

So many little things happening around here. Time to attempt to play catch up.

We took three if the kids out to see the last home wrestling match of the season at ASU. Oh wow, watching these wrestlers was incredible! I can’t get over the muscles and the grit that wrestlers have. 

Layla was the “Hull Hero” at her school. I went in to watch her present her poster and her estimation bag, etc. in the classroom. I loved watching her confidently and proudly sit up there and answer questions after she shared.

Grandma celebrated another year! So glad she is in our life.

Eric went in to Layla’s classroom to present to them on  Brazil during the second grade trip Around the World. He is so good at that! He created a really interactive presentation last year when he did it for Perry’s class and it went so well for Layla’s class, too.

Layla finished up running club! Um, we were the worst at going to practices. We forgot most days or I took her on the wrong day. But it was still an experience I’m glad she had.

I love having teenagers who share scriptures and quotes with me via text. Then I can share what I am studying back with them.

These three matching haired friends!

Layla loves gathering Brinna and her friends to play school. Brinna goes along with it for the most part. Teacher Layla is so sweet!

We worked on puzzles together one night before bed. 

A trip to the zoo for me and my Brinnie girl and our friends.

A painting play date.

I’m in love with this cheesy grin. And subsequent kissy lips. Outside in this amazing Arizona weather right now!

Brinna is kind of obsessed with exercising. She does jumps every day and tells me she is exercising. She tells me to lay on the floor and do push-ups with her (her version of pushups is kind of like updog—it’s adorable). If she sees me in my exercise clothes she makes note of it and asks me if I am exercising. And if she sees anyone else ever in a tank top (moms at the park, the lady at the grocery store, etc), she asks them if they are exercising, too. While I was getting ready one morning, Brinna came out of my closet with one of my exercising tanks tops over her head and announced to me that she was going to exercise. She went into my room and started doing her jumps.

A picture taken by Brinna.

We had a babysitter for Perry one morning so we took the other kids out hiking in the gorgeous Superstition Mountains. It is so green right now! We wish we had more time to make it to the top, but it was great getting out together. Brinna did stay in the hiking backpack most of the time. We are so grateful for that good backpack to carry her.

Our neighborhood had a spring festival. We only had 30 min to stop by, but we had some fun on the bounce toys and getting balloons from Spider-Man.

At a ward park meet up with friends.

Brinna is part of a rotating joyschool/playgroup/preschool. At one of the houses, they did face paint and Brinna was so excited to be a dog.

I went hiking with a friend. Though we were on a time crunch and we ended up running a lot of the way. I’m afraid after that she may never want to hike with me again! Haha. But I love trail running.

Can’t get enough of this sweet pea!

Brinna really does take a lot of pictures on my phone whenever she finds it left unattended. A lot. I like it when she captures moments I would never have documted otherwise. Like a peaceful afternoon when she was playing outside and I did my scripture study in the backyard.