April 1, 2020

at home during a pandemic

social distance,
they say.
hunkering down at home 
with time 
collect bugs
ride our bikes for our hours 
discuss the Cold War
hike the mountains
kayak in our pool
take our baby dolls on walks in their strollers
pop all the popcorn (cheese, peanut butter, and caramel)
play nerts
sit in a mermaid tail blanket watching The Little Mermaid
build realms on Minecraft 
read books on the trampoline 
learn about the history of toilet paper
read scriptures as a family without missing a day
cook homemade dinners
paint all the colors of the rainbow
draw yoda and the hulk
build amazing structures with kapla blocks
play the piano
jump on the trampoline
go fishing 
gaze at the stars
walk through the neighborhood
fly kites
drink chocolate milk
do science experiment after science experiment
I know outside these walls 
the world has been shaken up,
Inside these walls,
Are we spoiled?