March 5, 2020



It was Kyler’s second girl ask guy dance. I don’t even think I got a picture of Kyler when he got asked. But it was a cute poster and a smoothie to ask him out. So this was his answer back. 

Apparently he and his friends also put a huge pile of rocks on her doorstep too.

He had such a fun time going to the dance with his  friend.

Such a fun time that he came home like this.

I tried not to ask too many questions...
There was music and a lot of people and they sprayed paint on everyone as they were dancing. 

Kacin is not old enough to go to the dance with a date, but because one of his good friends had to be there for student council and the fact that this was just a big party with lots of paint, he decided to go with a group of friends.

I love these kids he hangs out with so much.

They had a lot of fun, too! Bonus: they kept their clothes in tact. And they came back to our house after the dance for ice cream.