March 31, 2020

holy moly

I was made for this.
I have been prepared for this.

I don’t always feel that way when challenges have come up in my life, but, with this pandemic, I am grateful that I do.
My prayers and thoughts are sincerely and consistently with all those who are fighting covid-19, caring for those who are affected, and mourning those who have passed on because of it. And for all those who have been affected economically by all of the shut downs and stay at home orders. This is a wild and stressful time and I know that.
Here at home, I am doing my part to keep my family healthy and learning. 
And that’s what I have been prepared for.
Homeschooling is my dream. 
Maybe not forever.
But I am loving every second of it right now.
I am also really good at minimizing trips to the grocery store and working with what I’ve got to make good meals (not fancy but good) for my family.
The last few months I feel like Heavenly Father has prepared me to simplify my life and the life of my family in so many ways.
That simplifying has been allowing me to heal and teaching me what is most needful in life.
So I feel prepared for this.
And I see this time as a wonderful gift to focus even more on what’s important.
My life is filled with all of these absolutely beautiful moments. 
I know we had them before.
But now they are truly plentiful. 
And we have the time to recognize and cherish them.

Last night, we enjoyed dinner at an Italian restaurant. Layla had created menus, including a special kids menu, during her writing time earlier in the day and had worked with me to plan out a meal. She set the table and acted as waitress for the evening. After all the restaurant fun, we leisurely sat around the dinner table together. The conversation turned to the bug collecting Brinna and Layla had done earlier in the day and how Brinna calls Rolly-Polly bugs Holy Moly bugs. Brinny loved the attention and repeated Holy Moly over and over. Kyler encouraged her to say “Holy Guacamole”. So she looked back at him and told him to say “Holy Moly Rockingchair.” She was laughing and we were all laughing and I was so grateful for the gift of time that allowed Layla to create a restaurant and all of us to be able to relax as we sat around the table—nowhere we had to be, nothing else demanding our time.