March 15, 2020

Ear surgery

Kacin has had a loong history of ear challenges. Four sets of tubes to help with ear infections left holes in his ear drum. This was actually really helpful for awhile because it allowed the ear to drain when he did have infections. But he has had a slight hearing loss because of it and as he has gotten older he has continued to have ear infections. We had one ear repaired a few years ago with the intention of doing the second ear soon after. We chose to postpone that second surgery once I was diagnosed with cancer. But we got it on the schedule this year as soon as wrestling season was over.

A second surgery is a little bit easier because at least you know what to expect. Kacin was a champ and handled it with such apparent ease. Pre-surgery he was ready to go.

Post surgery he woke up on the angry side. He was in a lot of pain those first few days. 

We were so glad to have him home and spoil him with all the ice cream he felt like eating.

How uncomfortable must that be to sleep with your head bandages like that?

He got breakfast on the couch for days.

It was a happy moment when he got to take that bandage off.

There was a lot of blood from this surgery. They cut behind the ear to open the ear up and then go inside that way to repair the ear drum.

Brinna took good care of her big brother. 

He made it through all the questions about his ear at school when he went back and the limits to his movement and activity for a couple of weeks. At his last follow up, everything was looking good. He heads back to the doctor again in a few weeks and hopefully he will get the all clear to start swimming again,