March 28, 2020

Disneyland, day 4

Our last Disney day was at California Adventures. We tend to follow the same route every time we go--Cars Land then Pixar Pier. I think it's a pretty good plan, but I can't say for sure because I've never tried anything different. But it did serve us well because of the rain. Quite a few rides can't run in the rain--pretty much all of Cars Land shuts down. So it was good that we went there first.

Then while everyone else rode the Incredicoaster (in the rain, poor things), Brinna and I went around and around on the Inside Out ride.

The rain did not let up much. It only seemed to come down harder or less hard. We were able to see Minnie Mouse under some cover.

Minnie went for a high five with Brinna, but she was pretty terrified and clung to me.

Of course, since she's been home, she keeps talking about how Minnie wanted a high five. Haha

We found a little reprieve from the rain when we went indoors to Talk with Crush and take an art class at the Animation Studio. Most everyone else had this idea, too but we got in to be a part of each thing.

We learne dhow to draw Winnie the Pooh at this class.

Not every moment at Disneyland is full of smiles and fun. Sometimes there are frowns and crumpled up papers.

So Layla posed with my work instead.

We rode a few more rides but then decided to watch the Frozen play at the theater. We stood in that line without shelter over our heads as the rain came down and down. We were all drenched! Pretty miserable and cold actually.

But I think it was worth it, because the Frozen play is pretty spectacular. Afterwards, we went home to warm up and change clothes and have dinner.

The boys were going to be meeting some friends for a day at Magic Mountain on Friday to celebrate a birthday. And Perry and Brinna were pretty worn out anyways. So Eric took care of those four while Layla and I had an evening at California Adventures together. We changed into our pajamas and our dry coats and headed out for a night of fun.

We rode the swings at Pixar pier.

We went to two art classes at the animation studio. We marveled in the Beast's library.

We stood in the very front and ate ice cream and watched World of Color again.

We rode the incredicoaster again. But my favorite memory with her would have to be riding Guardians of the Galaxy three times in a row. We had already ridden that ride that day. And we had ridden it a couple of times on Monday. It scares me to no end every time. But it's a thrilling kind of scared (mostly). But we had six fast passes so we rode it again and again (by the third time I definitely started to feel the effects of it and I was ok that we ran out of passes). In total, after two days at California adventures, I had ridden Guardians of the Galaxy nine times. The proof: