March 26, 2020

Disneyland, day 3

Our second and last day at the Magic Kingdom.

We had a souvenir/treat money earning system for the trip. It served its purpose well. For the younger kids it helped to manage behavior and promote flexibility. The older kids was just to put them in control of what snacks or treats they wanted (mmm, churros. and dole whip. yum). The kids got $6 a day, but they lost dollars for fighting and earned dollars for extra kind things. Or for holding their hands up during entire rollercoasters. haha. Layla saved her money and worked hard to earn extra so that on day 3 she could buy the bubble wand she was eyeing since the minute we walked into the park. She was pleased with her pick. 

Brinny and I spent lots of time at Tarzan's tree house while everyone else rode Indiana Jones. Pretty view from up there!

Brinny liked Layla's souvenir choice, too.

Winnie the Pooh. It's difficult to get a family of seven of all different heights into one selfie..

Knocking on the White Rabbit's door before we rode Alice in Wonderland.

Mr. Toad's wild adventure. Arguably the best ride in Fantasyland.


Another Dumbo ride

We ended up in Toontown for lunch.

It's a Small World! I really do love this ride.

Oh, these teenagers.

We were so excited to get on Resistance again!

They asked if Perry could transfer out of his wheelchair right then. I told them sure and when they took the chair away Perry broke down and was very concerned that the First Order was going to keep his chair forever.

He was mad. Luckily, he listened to me when I reassured him and in the end the First Order did indeed return his chair to us.


One of Perry's favorite Star Wars characters. So glad he got to meet him.

Each night we rotated which of the four of us over the age of 14 took the two youngest back to the hotel to get some rest. It was my turn at the hotel on the night that the kids rode Splash Mountain over and over again. Layla insisted she was in the front every time so she was SOAKED by the end.

They found Minnie that evening, too.

More ride and Disney photographer pictures.

Layla told me her favorite character is Tinkerbelle (fits nicely with her nickname of Stinkerbelle) so she was excited about this picture.