March 25, 2020

Disneyland, day 2

Our second day of Disney magic began at California Adventures. It was a wet, rainy day, but it let up enough that we were able to do just about everything that we wanted to do that day.

Our first destination was Cars Land.

Then we headed to Pixar Pier and accidentally got first in line when Bo Peep came out. Fun to meet her!

Brinn spent a lot of time on this carousel over the course of two days while everyone else took turns riding the Incredicoaster. (Please note: rollercoasters hurt when you ride them in the rain. even light sprinkles sting your face at fast speeds) 

Toy Story!

Probably because of his experience a few years ago when we all got on the swinging ferris wheel and he threw up, Eric took the little kids on the stationary ferris wheel while four of us braved the swinging cars. This ride scares me the most out of all of the Disneyland rides. I survived it twice though!

While I am scared out of my mind, these guys act like they are sitting on a park bench.

Then we started swinging and I started screaming and they came alive. Mostly to laugh at me and tell me to calm down. And scare me by talking about our car falling off of the wheel.

Monsters, Inc.

We had fun with the littlest three at the Disney, Jr Dance party. Dance they did.

While we were dancing the older boys decided to head onto the river rapids ride. Unfortunately, the ride got stuck and they got caught in a literal downpour from the sky. They were soaked when we met up with them again!

These two looked adorable in their matching Ariel outfits. Layla did a great job picking these clothes out before we came on our trip. They had to pose right before we got onto the Little Mermaid ride. 

Brinns was obsessed with her pockets. She walked around just like this, with her hands shoved in them, all day.

Hello, Lightening McQueen!

Shout out to Perry who had his best trip to Disneyland yet. He soaked up the magic and had a lot of endurance for the day. Thank goodness for the disability pass and his wheelchair (and for us remembering to bring the right drinks and an old phone for breaks when he needed them). Perry is the best and everything was so much fun with him!

I love watching World of Color at night. Kacin wasn't feeling super great that night so he stayed back at the hotel while Brinna slept. We sure missed both of them, but I love watching this show.

Alright, now here is a slew of photos thanks to Maxpass. One of the funnest parts of our trip was definitely the ride photos.

Kacin's selfie pictures were my favorite.

And that sums up day 2.