March 23, 2020

Disneyland, day 1

Disneyland will always be a place of happiness and magic and a refuge from daily problems and cares for our family. It's a place that our little family with teens, toddler, special needs, motion sickness, and all in between can enjoy together. We will always be Disney fans.

With news of COVID-19, I was getting quite nervous that our spring break Disneyland plans would be altered. So we count ourselves quite lucky that, in the end, we were able to spend all four days that we had planned at Disneyland and came home without any problems.

We drove up on a Sunday and checked into our hotel. After dinner, we walked over to Downtown Disney. We were working on a music video that evening...I'm sure I'll get to that soon.

The day started bright and early Monday morning. We were ready for a full day of fun at the Magic Kingdom. We were anxious to get a boarding number for the new Star Wars ride. We heard that they all get snatched up within the first 15 seconds of Disneyland opening. And yes that was the case! But our early arrival and preparation paid off and we got a boarding number! There were cheers all around us as people shouted in celebration of getting their own boarding numbers.

Our very first ride of the day ended up being the Jungle Cruise. We picked a ride that we could walk right onto at that time and that our whole family could ride together.

Then it was nonstop riding as we worked our way through the Magic Kingdom taking advantage of our fast passes, disability pass, wheelchair access, and rider switch. For reals.

Pirates of the Caribbean was also a favorite for our family. Perry had been looking forward to this ride the most.

Thunder Mountain Railroad..

In Fantasyland...

So excited for Dumbo!

You can even spy Eric in this picture. (He still sits out on any and every spinning ride.)

Peter Pan

Star Tours

Splash Mountain

And then in the early afternoon it was finally our turn to experience Star Wars land! AMAZING
The Resistance ride was SO WELL DONE. Just like we were there.

Perry was captivated by all those Stormtroopers up close and for real sized.

We certainly enjoyed the rest of the land. Brinna did some dancing outside of the market.

Then we played with Chewbacca for awhile.

He gave Kyler and Layla each a pat on the shoulder and looked right in their faces.

We got up close with R2-D2 and learned to speak some droid.

We saw the Millennium Falcon! What?!!

I’m actually not kidding when I say this, one of my favorite things to do at Disneyland is weave through the crowds as quickly as possible. 

We watched the parade that evening. 

Those little hands waving to Mickey!

We tried MaxPass for the first time. Since we paid the extra money, we made sure to take advantage of every photographer and ride picture we could.

The only teacup we could get Eric into is the one hat doesn’t move.

After this picture where kyler’s face was blocked, we banned anyone from raising their hands for the pictures.

Such a great day to start our Disneyland vacation!