March 30, 2020

Disney, the start and the finish


How lucky we felt to leave behind the cares of today and enjoy the magic of being together for a few days. We made memories that I will always cherish.

I like to be efficient and get to as much as possible in life. Sometimes my fast walking and crowd dodging and plans to rush from one attraction to the next, while fun for me, causes some stress to the slower movers of my family. So Eric reminded me many times that it isn't so much about how much we do in a day, but the quality time we are spending together. I was grateful for those reminders to just enjoy our family. We can have fun standing and waiting just as well as on the Toy Story ride. I still don't totally buy into that completely, but I did try to slow it down and just enjoy all the moments we had together.

If I had planned ahead, I would've downloaded these pictures from Eric's phone before I started all my Disneyland posts. But I didn't. So here are a few pictures from E's phone.

We always stop by the Lego store in Downtown Disney. That's usually the place that Perry spends his souvenir money.

Look at Brinn's muscles!

Perry built and raced a Lego car.

Eric captured a few moments over the next few days...

Sitting in the Millennium Falcoln...

It was Thursday, our last Disney day, when they announced the closure of the park due to the Coronavirus. I had most of the kids with me at the 4D theater at california adventures. When we stepped out, the Disney cast was all abuzz with whispers about the closure. It seems that they found out at the same time that we did. Eric sent me text messages about the news. We felt grateful that we had still been able to go on our vacation. And just slightly worried yet hopeful that we didn't catch COVID-19 while we were there.

It was another rainy day when we packed up on Friday to drive home to Arizona. Brinna insisted she could carry this bag and her suitcase from the hotel room to the car. That strong, determined girl did just that. What a spectacular little helper! 

What an amazing spring break we had at Disneyland!