February 15, 2020

These days

I typically try to stay in chronological order when I post things on here, even if I’m playing catch up because life is speeding by faster than I can sit down to write about it. I know I haven’t been doing that lately because I have birthdays to post about from December, our family theme to share for the new year, and so many other small and big moments (walks in the rain to wrestling tournaments) to document on here. It’s always a balance of living and being present in the moments and prioritizing all my life’s goals and demands while still taking time to reflect on and document our daily life to make meaning out of things and to capture our families memories. Whew. That’s a task that requires grace and balance. And time.

Today is Saturday and we have plans that will take up a good chunk of the day, but I am also hoping we will all get some time to rest a bit. And maybe read a good book (my wish of all wishes today!).

Here’s a quick look at everyone these days:

Brinna—more big girl than baby lately. She loves to play “doggy” and “baby” and go to the park

Layla—we just had her parent teacher conference this week and she is on track and showing so much progress at school, she’s always the helper at home and uses her creativity and big heart to fill the world around her with joy

Perry—has grown by leaps and bounds these last few months in his language and behaviors, he can engage in and play family games with us, and he can beat Kyler at his video game

Kacin—just had another ear surgery and is recovering well, he had an awesome freshman wrestling season, his smile and laughter fills our home with happiness, he has such a special connection with Brinna

Kyler—he’s still working at DQ to make money for gas, dates, and Taco Bell, he had a concussion from wrestling that took some time to recover from, and he still does incredibly thoughtful and kind things for everyone around him (sending kind text messages, buying gifts, taking the initiative to see who needs the sacrament or extra help on a Sunday afternoon)