February 24, 2020


Last night, Layla gathered all of us into her room for a performance. With the light from a cell phone held by Perry as her spotlight, she blasted the music and danced on her bed which acted as a stage. the rest of us sat on pillows on the floor with our backs against the wall. Brinna alternated between performing "once there was a snowman" with Layla and sneaking her pacifier and blanket and snuggling up in my lap.

We had spent time earlier in the day saying goodbye and supporting our dear friend Aizlynn as she leaves on her mission. She will be missed! She has grown so close to Perry these last few months so he is sad (as we all are) to lose our respite babysitter. New Zealand is lucky to have her!

Our sunday was also filled up with the first dance moves in the backyard for a music video, family calendar, come follow me discussion, a face to face broadcast with the Oaks, talking about our own personal goals during dinner, and walks to and from church.

Kyler spoke in church. He gave a beautiful talk about personal revelation. It's been a topic that has been so much on my mind lately that it was an amazing sacrament meeting to hear Kyler, his friend Micayla, and another lady in our ward (who I greatly admire and also call friend) share so many great insights about personal revelation and how we prepare for it, receive it, and recognize it.

Then what magnified my joy after an uplifting sacrament meeting was to go into Relief Society. I have been so weighed down lately, but when I walked into that room to meet with the women of our ward, my heart was lifted and strengthened. I think there was around 15 women in that room. I felt power and unity unlike anything I have felt at church in a long time. My heart swelled with gratitude to be a part of a women's organization like this. I looked around at the women in that room and I saw women from so many different backgrounds and struggles, but who are genuine and good and kind and trying their best to draw closer to the Savior and to learn and grow and strengthen each other. We had a wonderful discussion about the talk "Consistent and Resilient Trust" by Elder Budge and life's challenges and how and why we can trust in the Lord. It was an answer to my prayers to be a part of that discussion.

Not every sunday goes like this one did. Many sundays there are tears and fights. So when a sunday filled with connection, strength, and peace comes around, I want to cherish it for a few minutes and somehow etch the good into my memory to draw strength from when I need it.