February 4, 2020

old town scottsdale

Date night.
It was questionable if it would happen.
The day got busy, busy and I didn't get a good lunch.
And I am embarrassed to admit it, but if you know me at all you know it is the truth... 
I get really, really grumpy when I don’t eat properly.
So I said mean things and was disagreeable about where we were going to go and how we were even going to make our outing work.
Not my proudest hour.
But things started looking up for us as soon as we sat down at the Thai food restaurant and I got to drink some nice ice water and eat a delicious plate of food.
Such good curry and pad thai.
It was like magic the way it returned me to a human who could speak full, pleasant sentences again.

The rest of the evening was lovely and I was so glad we went to Scottsdale. We walked around Old Town and admired some of the art galleries and ate a treat and enjoyed the perfect weather and each other’s company and conversation. 

The longer I date him, the more I realize how lucky I am to have such an intelligent, patient, forgiving, easy going, fun loving, adventurous, kind, and all around good guy by my side. 

(Dear E,
A million sorries that you had to put up with me during my bad mood. I love you.