February 7, 2020

locked in

We had to turn the lock around on Perry’s door. Sometimes our little guy has very big emotions. For the safety and well being of everyone, sometimes he needs a few minutes in his room alone until his body and mind calm down a bit. And unfortunately that means sometimes for our safety, we have to use that lock.

Well, Brinna has recently discovered locks and how much fun it is to turn them. 

Eric was out of town, the boys were at wrestling practice, Layla was at a primary activity, and I was home with Brinna and Perry. We walked into Perry’s room together to get something and Brinna shut the door behind us. And she had made sure to lock the door before she shut it.

We were locked in.


How long could we survive stuck in a room together? I just wasn’t sure.

Eric would be no help since he was out of the state. The boys wouldn’t be home from wrestling practice for at least another hour. Same with Layla.

Thankfully, I had my phone with me. I called Eric, but all he did was laugh while I searched for the key that we used to have hidden in the room (it wasn’t there anymore!). 

But I was able to get a hold of my friend who lives down the street before she had to leave for soccer practice. I gave her instructions to break into my house and she was able to rescue us!! Nicole is my hero.