February 20, 2020

escape room: escape house mesa

I was hooked on escape rooms ever since my first one about four years ago. The puzzling, the competition, the collaboration, the cool locks and effects!! Sign me up. Escape rooms are A BLAST. Now, not every escape room is created equal... some are definitely better than others. But with the right group of people, it can be so much fun no matter what.

We went to escape house mesa for our most recent escape room adventure. We did Flood the City. The pros were that it was not linear and there were some challenging puzzles to figure out. The cons were the tiny room, lack of cool effects, and the old school walky talky system to communicate with the controller with.

With only one clue...we escaped!!

With time to spare. Go us!!

Since we escaped, we got to sign our names on the door.

Then we headed to Handel’s for ice cream. Our first time there and I think I’m hooked on this one, too. (We already went back a week later. It was that good.)

We have another escape room in Mesa that we are going to try in the next month or so! I’m excited. :)