January 5, 2020

Winter formal

Just after he turned 16, he was off on his first date and his first high school dance.

He went with his good friend, Kylie. We all love her so much and we are so glad they are friends.

She asked him with a box of Bosa donuts.

He answered with a favorite cereal.

They went on a date the week before Winfo with a group to hike the Santan mountains and then the night of the dance they had a nice dinner at a friend’s house. Aren’t they all looking so good?

Such great teenagers!

Kyler drove himself to meet up with the group for pictures and dinner because he was joining them late after his wrestling practice. These two were so sweet and stopped by our house before they went to the dance since I didn’t get to see them together earlier. It was so thoughtful and made me happy to see them. Then I made them relive the flower exchange and had him place the corsage on her arm.

Brinna loves all of Kyler’s friends and she was so excited to see Kylie. Of course, she jumped in with her big ol’ grin.

I’m so glad these two had a fun time together at Winfo!