January 7, 2020

Running club, mismatch day, and a hike

After watching her brothers run cross country, Layla decided she wanted to race, too. So she joined her school’s running club.

They meet before school two days a week. Though, because of various circumstances she hasn’t been that often to practice. But she got to participate in the first district race. She did a little more walking than running, but she was a good friend to a friend of hers who hurt her foot and she finished strong. In 158th place. 

I’m so proud of her for being willing to try something new and to be a part of the running club! What a great experience for her.

There was a week of school spirit days right before winter break. Our favorite was definitely mis-match day.  When she was trying to decide what to wear, Eric teased Layla to wear one of the outfits that she tries to wear but mom makes her change. ;) Like patterned skirts with clashing colored shirts. She pulled out this creative outfit on her own.

We had cousins over on a Saturday afternoon and I got to take these kids on a hike. Preston and Layla were the most excited about being out in the desert with me, but they were all awesome hikers out there!

At the tip top!