January 13, 2020

hole in the rock and the zoo

My teenagers argue that we spend plenty of time as a family, but why is it that I feel otherwise and I can’t get enough of days like this??

When Eric has some days off of work after Christmas, we drove to Papago Park in Phoenix. We started our day at Hole in the Rock.

I love climbing all around this place and enjoying this beautiful view.

Kyler, Kacin, and Layla did more climbing than the rest of us and found an alternative route down the front. 


Staying on the trail was just the right amount of hiking for Brinna and Perry.

After our little hike, we spent some time at the zoo.
It was such a great surprise to run into our dear friend AnnMarie from Utah!

Where did she learn to smile like that for pictures??

Hmmm.... thanks, Kyler.

I’m so glad we get to go on family outings like this.