January 23, 2020

goldfield ghost town and the desert

We took our little family to the goldfield goldmine ghost town.

Some of us had to serve some time in jail.

We explored some of the old buildings and watched a memorable gunfight.

He's a cactus hugger, that Kacin.

Perry and Brinna were pretty excited when they saw the train. So I got tickets for us three to ride while Eric took the other three on the mine tour.

The desert is remarkably green right now. It's gorgeous!

Here's the little ghost town from a distance on our train ride. It was a fun enough little place to visit for a short time in the afternoon.

We left goldfield and went to Lost Dutchman State Park for a short hike. Again, the desert is gorgeous right now!!

Layla looked at the mountains and told me she thought we were walking into a painting.

Brinns LOVES the hiking backpack. She got a nice little nap. (don't mind that poor little bruise on her cheek--poor thing was climbing off of a stool and slipped before her feet hit the ground and hit her cheek.)

Give me all the desert beauty.