January 31, 2020

Cancer update

There are some people in this world with such big hearts. And somehow on the days I seem to need it the most, their hearts reach out and envelope mine as if to say "It will all be ok. You are noticed. You are loved."

With that bit of extra strength, my heart can in turn carry on and reach out to someone else around me as if to say "It will all be ok. You are noticed. You are loved."

We need each other. You and I.

It reminds me of Star Wars when Rose says to Finn, "That's how we're going to win. Not fighting what we hate--Saving what we love." It's the small ways that we reach out to "save" each other. That's how we win this battle called life.

A few weeks ago I received this note in the mail. I tell you, it came at the perfect time for me. It was such a kind note from a dear family friend. Carly is about Kacin's age and she made these breast cancer bracelets. Now each member of my family has one to wear.

United together. My heart was bursting.

At the end of December, I went in for another reconstruction surgery. I am praying it is my last one for years and years!

Apparently, I was trying to see how many bracelets I could collect...impressive, I know. :)

Everything went as expected during surgery. Recovery was two weeks of no lifting or exercising. We did some fat grafting and it was my poor thighs that were sooo sore from that. If you are wondering what it felt like then imagine the worst sunburn of your life combined with the feeling of being bruised all over and the feeling of achy flu muscles. My thighs are actually still sore 6 weeks later. But I got through it!

Surgery did not stop me from going out to see the new Star Wars movie the day it opened! Star Wars fan girl here was so excited to see it.

It's tradition now. She keeps insisting on wearing my vests at my appointments. I must make these vests look like so much fun, don't I? This was at my breast surgeon follow up. All is well!

I had my injection today. I was extra nervous about it because last month I had an allergic reaction to it (a nice big rash). Hopefully, it was a fluke and I don't react this time. Also, they now have to suit up to give me my injection. Which adds another menacing layer to this whole thing of injecting my body each month. Because the nurse is supposed to wear a full hazmat suit (practically!) and yet this is supposed to be ok for my body...hmmm. Well, if it keeps me alive and keeps cancer away then alright. I'll do it. Because being here for my kids is the most important thing to me.