January 17, 2020

an adventure at night

We literally cleaned the house for eight hours straight today. 
From top to bottom. And outside, too.
It stayed clean for about an hour.
Then the kids came home.
And I wondered how some humans can be so messy.
Then I left my dinner plate on the counter and threw my clothes on the floor instead of into the hamper.
Because I was so exhausted from cleaning all day.

The older boys went out tonight so we picked up dinner through a drive through with the three younger kids.
Since I cleaned all day I wasn’t about to cook, too.
It was my turn to pick a movie to watch. Because I said it was.
I picked Pocahontas.
I really, really love the music in Pocahontas. 
I don’t really care for the movie for any other reason except for the music.
Well, and for the wind that blows those leaves and her hair.
“Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?”
“You can’t step in the same river twice—the river’s always changing, always flowing...Just around the river bend!”
“Listen with you heart...”

When the movie was over, Layla and I were feeling up for an adventure. 
She grabbed a flashlight and we both grabbed our coats.
We walked along the canal in the dark.
We talked about the stars in the sky and imaginary friends.
We raced. I let her win. And then she let me win.
We ran and jumped over an obstacle in our path. 
She held my hand and smiled and chatted away.
We ended up at a park. A mile away.
We set a timer and then played hard. climbing and exploring and swinging for 10 min.
And I thought how lucky I am to be mom to this sweet, kind, thoughtful, genuine girl!
Who didn’t care one bit that my hair was extra poofy and I was makeup less.
She told me that when she was trying to get me to stop at DQ.
I think our adventure was pretty great even without that stop.

Layla was a perfect companion for an impromptu adventure at night.

I hope we get to adventure again soon.