January 4, 2020

a new year

The year 2020.
What better way to start a new year than among the cactus and under the arizona sky?

The desert is breathtaking. I feel so lucky to live in such a place.

We started this decade with a day trip to Tucson to visit my uncle Randy.
That's him waving there. Hello, Randy.

He took us to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. It was my first visit there and it was a great place! With some great people.

The kids took turns pushing grandma in the wheelchair as we strolled through all the paths and all of the exhibits to see animals, birds, and so many desert plants.

I feel closest to God when I am out in nature.

It was a good place to be as I was reflecting on this last year and thinking about the new year and my goals and the direction I would like my life to go. We have some decisions to make as a family, including a new theme to decide on.

I'm looking forward to finding some time over the next few weeks to finish recording last years adventures and then start recording my thoughts and plans for 2020.

Happy New Year!