January 9, 2020


Teenagers bring a lot of fun into our house. Especially these four. 

And especially when they get bored and do things like this.

Which worked much better than when they tried to flip each other.

Those poor teenagers that hang around a lot occasionally get roped into playing games with us, too.

Kyler helped me out with my phone...

To make this my lock screen:

We attended a court of honor for a bunch of boys and friends in our ward.

Kyler started his first job! He is pretty excited to be earning some gas and date money now.

Like this excited:

I know this has nothing to do with teenagers, but I am feeling so grateful for primary activity leaders. There are some good people in this world who show such caring, kindness, and inclusion and it makes such a difference. (I don’t have a picture of Layla’s leaders but they are fabulous and loving, too!!)