December 10, 2019

Sixteen Candles

I think he started a countdown to his 16th birthday by the time he was 14. Just a little bit excited for the day when he could earn this!

His driver's license! I took him out of school on his birthday so he could take the driving test. And, of course, he passed! He is actually a really good driver and I'm excited for him.

We celebrated his birthday with dinner with family. He is actually mid a no sugar time of his life so he requested yogurt for his birthday treat instead. But I couldn't fit 16 candles in a cup of greek yogurt, so he blew out his candles on a pie.

I think he would've been satisfied with just this for his birthday...behind the wheel by himself for the first time. He loves this old red truck.

We celebrated his birthday with a few close friends a few days before the actual day. Last minute he decided it would be fun to do a scavenger hunt as a group. Though we came to realize that the things he and his friends do on a daily basis are probably more crazy and wild than the things on this scavenger hunt. 

We dropped his friends off at goodwill and since we had the kids in the car anyways we decided we would do as many things on the scavenger hunt list as we could do. So Layla picked out this robe as her outfit.

And we had a few adventures of our own while the teenagers ran around.


I kind of love Brinna flexing here...

After the scavenger hunt we took everyone out for pizza and then back to our house for rootbeer floats. I also kind of love that Kyler was totally cool about celebrating his birthday with his friends and all of his younger siblings and (cool) parents around.

I love his friends, too.

Sixteen year old Kyler is adventurous, compassionate, friendly, hard working, responsible, impulsive, comfortable, confident, fun-loving, wise, and smart. He keeps me laughing, praying, entertained, proud, surprised, nervous, amazed, comforted, and in awe. I am lucky to call him my son and my friend. He really is a great human being and I know he will continue to live life to the fullest and do great things in this world.