December 22, 2019

Santa Scare

The day before we were going to a foster care party, I started to talk to Brinna about Santa because I knew we would see him there. So after our chat, she proceeded to spend the rest of the day running into my arms every time she heard a noise in the house or someone knocked on the door because “Santa scare me” she kept saying. Try as I might, she did not believe me that Santa was nice and kind and not scary. “Santa scare Brinna,” she was adamantly telling me.

For the candy cane, she let Kacin bring her this close. 

But absolutely no closer.

That night I took Brinna with me to check the mail. One of our neighbors has a big blow up Santa Claus in their yard. As we passed it the second time, Brinna said this:
“I want to say hi to Santa.” (Waves “hello”)
“I want to scare Santa. Rooaarrr!!”

Santa scared her. So she got him back.