December 4, 2019

San Pedro

We left San Ignacio and traveled by water ferry to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye.

It was a two hour bumpy, beautiful boat ride.

After getting settled into our resort, we went straight over to the dive boats for a visit to Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley.

I snorkeled at the reserve while everyone else went scuba diving. But I think we had very similar experiences. (Minus the fact that I was having a bit of a panic attack in a mask. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the full face mask, but even with that I was far from comfortable and had to tell myself to calm down and relax a hundred times. It's not the swimming or anything, it is the having something over my nose/mouth/face.) We saw a sea turtle, baracuda, puffer fish, octopus, eel, nurse shark, sting ray, sea urchin, a bunch of other fish, etc. It was amazing! I am glad I faced my fears and did it. Though I would never want to do it every day.

After 45 min in the water, the boat took us to Shark Ray Alley. We swam with the feeding sharks!

Yep, we all got in the water with these nurse sharks. Crazy cool.

A good day on the ocean for sure.

That night after dinner and a walk along the oceanside we sat on the dock under the moon.

And took pictures like this.

Breakfast in the morning wasn't too bad.

This was the view from our room.

Then we went to the local branch for church.

In the afternoon, we rented a golf cart to explore the island a little bit.

We found the best food stop on the island--Truck Stop.

This is where I dominated Eric at connect four. Let's not talk about what happened or who won during our game of foosball though ... 

With a photo bomber.

Without a photo bomber.

So we heard about this place called Secret Beach and decided to go check it out.

 It was a fun golf cart drive out there.

But it was a big let down place that give me a bad feeling. Just some bars and drunken people. It reminded me of Pleasure Island in Pinocchio. And we quickly got out of there.

Kind of a waste of an afternoon, but I told myself it was fun to drive the golf cart around.

We went to Iguana Juan's for dinner.

Angie and I were working on a video clip for our music video that involved Ellsworth eyes and the candles. You will have to wait for me to finish the music video to see...not sure if it's truly worth the wait. Haha. But we had fun nonetheless.

What we concluded about San Pedro after 24 hours there--the food was more expensive than we thought it would be, definitely go to the Truck Stop, sooo many golf carts makes for some busy exciting streets, a resort room with a view was amazing, the snorkeling/diving is SO good, the mosquitoes are relentless, and the weather was perfect.