December 15, 2019

Perry’s thankful feast and a field trip

Every year Perry’s autism program has a thankful feast at school. I love attending every year.

We filled our plates with food and treats. And Perry introduced me to some of his friends and tried really hard to exchange phone numbers with them while their parents were there to help. These two and their smiles!

I loved seeing his thankful work. It made me grateful for his teachers who work so hard to adapt and support him and teach him.

A few weeks later all of the third graders went on a field trip to Kartchner caverns. I got to drive up to hang out with Perry during the field trip.

He had some sweet boys in his group. I’m so grateful for kind, inclusive kids.

When he learned that bats live in the caves for part of the year he became terrified of entering. It took a lot of work to convince him that it was safe inside. He was super wary, but he did it! I’m so glad I got to go to have that experience with him.