December 17, 2019


I'm not sure how we are going to break her of the pacifier habit.

The rule right now is that she only gets her pacifier when she is sleeping--naptime and bedtime. And I know we are going to have to give even that up soon. But none of us--Brinna, Eric, or me--are ready to lose sleep quite yet.

But this little one is sneaky. Do you see that twinkle in her eye? She knows what she's doing.

She often runs into her room and stretches her arm through the bars of the crib to get her pacifier and blanket. Once she places the pacifier in her mouth she walks around the house with her hands over mouth so I won't see that she has it.

When she knows she's been caught she tries to tell me she is sleeping and will run to the nearest pillow and lay down.

Ohh, she good.