December 2, 2019

off to Belize and then a day at Tikal

She tried to sneak into my suitcase and a big part of me wished I could've taken her.

We were off to Belize!

I brought a stack of 7 books to read for the week (and finished four of them).

We were away from home for 7 days. It was so hard to leave the kids behind. I had mixed feelings about facetiming the kids--it filled my heart to see Brinna's excitement to see us and talk to us for a few minutes. But it was also heartbreaking when she asked us to pick her up and hold her and we obviously couldn't. We love all of our sweet kids and missed them like crazy!

And we were SO grateful for all the people (over 6 people!) who made up the jigsaw puzzle to make sure that our kids were taken care of.

Meanwhile, in Belize...

we were eating chicken out of pineapples at our resort (Cahel Pech).

We settled in to our cabanas for the night. Our view of San Ignacio.

The next day, we headed out early to spend a day in Guatemala at Tikal.

We stopped along the way to get an overview of the size of Tikal. Amazing!

We arrived at Tikal and our guide took us hiking through the trails of the jungle to the mayan ruins.

These were some old cars left from when a university was working there years ago.

We walked up to this site coming from the left and it looked just like a big grassy hill. On the other side, it had been excavated. How fascinating to see!

The star wars view! A few seconds of episode 4 was filmed right here.

We heard some howler monkeys and went through the jungle in search of them. Unfortunately, we never found them. Probably because we were a little too loud as we tromped through the jungle (or maybe because there was a "duck" following Eric...).

Tikal was such an amazing place to explore! My phone pictures uploaded to this blog do not do it any justice.

There are bats hanging inside this doorway.

We also saw army ants, monkeys, coati, woodpeckers, toucans, and many other birds.

I'm so glad we got to visit here! Truly incredible to be among the mayan ruins in the jungle.