December 9, 2019


Layla participated in the Millennial Choir and Orchestra this semester.

We few of the girls her age from church were going to join so Layla decided to give it a try, too. (They have a few other friends who also participated but we didn’t get a picture with them.)

It has been such an experience for these girls! The choir has been much more intense than Layla and I imagined it to be. Not in a bad way, necessarily. But let’s just say it is a legit choir and the conductors take it very seriously.

The end result of all their hard work (and all of the parents mandatory volunteering) was a beautiful experience performing at the Mesa Arts Center.

We ended up with tickets in the highest section at one of the three concerts that Layla participated in.

It was a truly beautiful concert!

It was so relaxing and lovely that Kacin dozed off (and drooled) mid concert. He was coming from two long days of wrestling though so it was understandable.

It was so neat watching Layla up there joining her voice together with so many others.

We are so proud of you, Layla!