December 5, 2019

last days in Belize

How sad to have to wrap up our trip to a place as pretty as this:

On our last full day in Belize, Eric and the other two couples we were with left me at the resort and went out on a full day of scuba diving. Don't worry, I did not feel left out one bit. I was quite happy--actually, I was beyond thrilled, to have a whole day to myself to walk along the water, read, and write. A perfect day in my opinion!

I walked 12 miles that day, though it was split up into three different walks. I saw this iguana on one of my walks.

But mostly just enjoyed the sunshine and the ocean views. And only felt uncomfortable once walking alone by two locals who catcalled to me. ugh. 

So while I went on my walks, finished my book, and did some writing, these guys were exploring the ocean deep.

When they got back, Eric and I went exploring on our own. And climbed some coconut trees.

Back to our resort before we went out to dinner...

We grabbed dinner at Elvi's Kitchen. It was a cool little place with a sand floor.

On our last morning in Belize, Eric and I grabbed bikes from the resort to bike around the island. We stopped at The Baker for cinnamon rolls and cherry tarts and sausage filled pastries.

We ate our breakfast by the water.

And then got a second breakfast back at our resort.

After biking to the bridge, we decided to go rent paddle boards.

I loved being out on the water.

I was the one scared to stand up at first, but it was Eric who fell off as we were going back to the dock. Haha.

I got the hang of it after just a few minutes.

We saw stingray and some big unknown to me fish. So cool!

We all met up for lunch and said our goodbyes to Belize by eating treats from the chocoalte store and the ice cream shop.

Eric did his last dance, a solemn one, on the sand of San Pedro.

We climbed into our little plane and flew back to the mainland.

Such beautiful views from the air. I was glad we took the water ferry over and the airplane back so we got the experience of both breathtaking views.

I know you can't see from the pictures, but we saw manatee's swimming down in the water.

Our trip was "unBELIZEable!"

I'm working on our trip music video and I hope to post it soon!