December 14, 2019

Influenza A

One of the saddest, hardest things to see is a sick baby. 

Poor Brinny—when she gets sick, she gets sick hard and it goes straight to her airways and effects her breathing. On Thanksgiving day, she woke up from her nap and looked a little flush to me and by the next morning we knew that she and Layla both had fevers and were down with something.

On Sunday, both girls were still feverish and Brinna’s breathing was becoming more and more labored. We had already been doing breathing treatments at home, but they weren’t cutting it. So Sunday evening we took her into the ER.

Her oxygen levels were too low and not stable so she had to be put on oxygen. After medicines and breathing treatments and testing, it was determined that she was positive for influenza A and that she would need to be admitted to Phoenix Children’s hospital.

So for the second time in her life, we rode on an ambulance.

It was a long night, but eventually we got her settled into a room at Phoenix children’s. I slept in her bed with her trying to keep her calm with all of the machines beeping as her oxygen levels dropped, the oxygen and IV cords bothering her, people coming in to check on her etc. My sweet little one.

She ended up spending 48 hours in the hospital. Eric went and spent the second night with her. My parents were able to stop by and bring Eric a few things he needed and that brightened this little girl’s spirits so much.

We were so happy and grateful for all of the good staff at Phoenix children’s who took care of her. It was such a relief when she was weaned off of the oxygen, starting eating again, and we were able to bring her home.