December 3, 2019

ATM caves

We woke up to this view from our cabana.

Then we got to experience my favorite adventure from the entire trip—the ATM caves.

We hiked through the jungle again and crossed rivers to enter the caves. We weren’t allowed to bring cameras inside, but we took some pictures near the beginning of the hike.

It was incredible inside the caves! We had to go through water and climb up rocks. We got SO close to Mayan artifacts, real bones and skulls, and breathtaking cave formations. We spent a couple hours inside with a very knowledgeable guide who gave us a lot of history and theories as to what the caves were used for. Such fascinating stuff! And so much fun to go caving through the water. Our guide emailed us these pictures taken previously (back in the day when cameras were allowed). But this was our experience inside the cave.

It was just so cool.

We got back to our resort that evening and had some down time before heading out to the town for dessert.

We found a huge tarantula while we were walking along the road.

The resort was such a beautiful place—banana trees, gorgeous view, coconuts.

Our breakfast always included a lot of fry jacks. Yum. And this view!

We left San Ignacio on Saturday and drove to San Pedro. On the drive, we passed this billboard. I tried to get a picture but I was too slow. I just thought it was pretty funny. Though Kyler pointed out to me that no one else would really find it as amusing as I did. Probably true. It just said “Do your mammogram!” Ha, yep! Agreed. Go do your mammogram.

I loved mainland Belize!