December 19, 2019

art on canvas

Each year I try to pull out the paint, paintbrushes, and canvas and tell my children to put on their artist hats and paint a masterpiece.

I love how they each engage in the task in a different way. 

Kyler always has a plan and jumps right in and lets his creativity flow.
Kacin usually needs more time to think about it, but then an idea comes and he produces something lovely.

Brinna started with brushes and then abandoned those to spread the paint with her hands. Mostly she just wanted to squirt the paint out on the plates.

Perry got into it right away, mixing and layering all of his favorite colors. We ended up scraping some of his original paint off because it was so thick and he decided he wanted to paint a transformer. Which he did!

Layla carefully drew her design out first and then loved adding all of the details to her flower with the paint.

The finished paintings:






I added these new canvases to my collection. I had to start a second wall because my collection of my children’s art has grown.

Their art makes me so happy.