November 11, 2019

To love

"To love is not to leave."
                    --Ben Platt (from the song Run Away)

Sixteen years.
illness, challenges, fears, mistakes, fights, chaos, lows.
joy, adventure, laughter, fun, happiness, success, highs.
It's been easy and it's been work.
Still here,
by your side.

"When you're high, I'll take the lows.
You can ebb and I can flow
We'll take it slow
And grow as we go...
I believe that when it's done
We're gonna see that it was better
That we grew up together."
                     Ben Platt (from the song Grow As We Go)

To celebrate the day, we went hiking at south mountain before we grabbed lunch. We had a nice long talk about all we've experienced together these last sixteen years.

We leave soon on an anniversary trip together. We are looking forward to that.