November 22, 2019

Row Mama

When Row Mama falls into the water, Row Mama doesn't get wet. Water gets Row Mama.

Row mama is so strong when she does a push up she isn’t lifting herself up, she’s pushing the earth down.

Row Mama is so strong she can slam a revolving door.

Row Mama is so strong she doesn't climb trees, she just pulls them down and walks on top of them.

Row Mama is so fast she can run around the world and punch herself in the back of the head.

Row Mama will never have a heart attack. Her heart isn't nearly foolish enough to attack her.

Row Mama is so strong she can dribble a basketball under water.

Tornadoes have sirens to warn them when Row Mama is coming.

I had such a blast joining some friends (and meeting some new people, too) during a 7 week rowing class. We met on tempe town lake and learned the basics of rowing together. We went from row machines to the barge to rowing an 8-man to sculling a 4-man. We named ourselves the "Row Mamas." And so I told myself Row Mama jokes every week.

I felt like Joe from the book "The Boys in the Boat" (one of my favorite books!). Except not as strong or coordinated or amazing. But! I loved being on the water each week pushing myself to do something completely new. It is such a fun feeling to glide on the water once we figured it out. And,  just so you know, good rowing is way more complicated than you'd think.