November 20, 2019


We did quite a bit of pre-Halloween trick or treating this year. We started with our ward Halloween party. We went dressed as Minnie Mouse, Poppy from Trolls, Optimus Prime (again :) ), and the Warner Bros and the Warner sister Dot from Animaniacs.

I’m always amazed at what we throw together at the last minute. Not that anyone else recognized who were except for maybe two people. Haha! It was still fun. Because we knew.

My parents invited us over for a Halloween dinner. We extended our Animaniacs theme to include Pinky and the Brain and Hello Nurse. 

Kacin and I had spent the week listening to the song Cake by Flo Rida over and over again. We tend to do that with songs. So when Jacqui showed up with a cake for Josh’s birthday the song wouldn’t get out of my head.

“I only came for the cake!”

But this cake needed some extra love so Kacin and I got to work to see what we could make of it...definitely improvement. :)

No candles, so we improvised with Dot’s flower.

Stef made us some chili for dinner. 

Then there was some time for wrestling.

The kids went trick or treating from door to door inside the house (tradition!).

Brinna sure loves her papa, especially with his guitar.

A few days later, while the other kids were at school, Brinna joined a group of preschoolers to trick or treat at a memory care nursing home. We both loved spending some time with these sweet people. It made me miss my own grandparents like crazy, but I loved seeing Brinna and her little heart shine as she said hello to everyone and happy Halloween and thank you for her treats.

She reached for this man and snuggled right up on his lap.

And then Minnie Mouse crashed after all that pre-Halloween trick or treating and fun.