November 14, 2019

Mud Girl

There are those who go around the mud and those who go through the mud.

My friend, Kelli, asked me if I wanted to join her in doing the Mud Girl run. A run though mud that supports breast cancer?? Heck yes.

Neither of us had done a mud room before so we weren’t sure what to expect. It was a blast! Though we did decide next year we need to spice up our race attire. 

There were 17 obstacles on the 5k course. We didn’t have our phones on the race with us to take pictures so I snapped a few pictures of a few of the obstacles before we started our race.

We ran most of the course. We got muddy (but not nearly as muddy as I had imagined we would) and wet. We climbed, crawled, and slid. The last obstacle of the race you had to go under and, man, that muddy salt water left a bad taste when it dripped in my mouth. And these were the only professional pictures we got from the day.

Most of the mud washed away in the last obstacle, but we definitely had a layer of dirt on us still.

I’m so grateful for a good friend to run through the mud with. Looking forward to the Mud Girl next year!