November 15, 2019

motorcycle rides and I-help

We went to visit my parents and my kids were in heaven on the motorcycle with grandpa. They rotated and switched who rode with who and everybody got multiple rides. Kyler and Kacin gave driving a go, too. That was pretty thrilling for them.

Each month our church congregation has the beautiful opportunity to serve a meal to a group of individuals who are homeless. We felt so lucky that our family had the chance to prepare some of the food and then serve it to them. The highlight of the evening was sitting and eating with the people. Kyler told us about a good conversation he had while getting to know one of the men. Brinna was a little sparkle of love as she said hello to everyone and gave high fives out. She played with one particular man that way for quite a while. Afterwards I heard another lady say that was the most animated she had seen that man. Brinna brings love. And I’m grateful we got to be in the presence of those people that night.