November 7, 2019


We took our first trip down to Rocky Point, Mexico a few weeks ago. Yes, in all our years living in arizona we have never experienced Rocky point. Granted, Eric and I have been to Mexico before, but never to this part. And I'm really glad it worked out for us to go.

Kalaloch is still the most gorgeous beach to camp at, but this trip was my first experience with a truly warm beach. And being able to get in the water and hang out on the sand in the sunshine all day long was ahhmaaazing.

We had a perfect place to camp and the least crowded spot on the beach.

Messy wind blown hair all weekend long!

Perry and Layla finally figured out how to use the boogie boards this trip. They loved being out on them.

Brinna is a beach baby through and through.

My hair looked like this all weekend, too. The windy sea air did wonders on those wild curls.

It was a pretty perfect place to be.

Hands down, the best time of day was sunset. I could've stood there and soaked that beauty in forever.

I love these three boys so much. They have such fun together.

There was a lot of digging in the sand all weekend.

And some "surfing" and "boating".

Just waiting for the tide to come back in.

We love this family so much. And we are so glad they let us tag along on their trip. And that photo bomber behind us is the best, too.

Justin got impatient waiting for these kids to get wet in there so he got the party started by throwing buckets of water on them.

The water came in soon enough though.

We went out on the banana boat. There was a kid ride first. Perry was pretty terrified and so I got to join them all.

Do you see him there clinging on for dear life?

We didn't get any pictures when the adults and teenagers went on the boat next. Let me tell you, we pretty much just paid for them to dunk us at high speeds into the ocean. We all drank in quite a bit of salt water after flipping the boat and getting thrown off multiple times. So fun. Not the salt water in my nose part, but besides that.

We experimented with the full face snorkel.

I got to do some reading on the beach. I could've just done that all weekend and I would've been happy. I think that's a look of concentration on my face, not anger. haha

We were out there with fireworks one night.

Alright, these two girls and their creatures. They spent the entire weekend playing with the crabs and the fish. They are two peas in a pod.

We went to sacrament meeting at the local congregation on sunday.

The teenagers upped their design the next time they went digging.

See, here they are with fish now.

Golden hour on the beach was heaven.

Yep, pretty spectacular, isn't it?

And then our last night some CRAZY wind came in. To the point that our tent was collapsing (and is now broken) and we were covered (literally covered) in sand and dirt as we tried to sleep. These two smaller tents had to come down during the night because of the wind and the kids sleeping in them moved to the car. Not much sleep happened for me or E. So at some point in the night we got up and packed up everything we could in the dark so that as soon as possible (the border opened at 6am) we could head out of there. It was a miserable, wild, adventurous night.

But even after that crazy last night, we are looking forward to next year!