November 28, 2019

I am thankful

(this picture has nothing to do with this post, but it is a beautiful picture from our visit to Tikal)

I woke up thinking this morning about all the things that fill my heart with thanksgiving. It is, of course, the big things that make up my life--five beautiful children, a comfortable house, a safe neighborhood, freedom, opportunity for good education for my children, plenty of food, etc.

But there are also some smaller tangible things that spark a lot of joy in my life on the daily and make my life fun to live.

Some of my favorite things right now...

-freedom bang exercise classes: my favorite way to exercise right now. I go to classes multiple times a week. It is a good mix of dancing, boxing, and hiit for me. And it's just fun.
-freedom barre, burn boot camp, refit, friday zumba with julio, high fitness: all different classes and ways that I'm enjoying moving my body when I can't make it to bang class
-pura vida and alex and ani jewelry: my boys tease me that I'm like a vsco girl with my pura vida bracelets. haha. But I have had bracelets on 24/7 for at least 6 months. One particular bracelet that I never take off. They mean different things to me--reminders of my goals and my feelings and so I like wearing them and I like switching them around.
-my bookshelves filled with books: and half price saturdays at goodwill to buy good books in good condition
-my pillow: I even took my pillow with me to Belize and I slept soo much better having my favorite pillow
-crz yoga pants: pretty much part of my daily wardrobe and the best yoga pants I've ever tried. mostly because they are so inexpensive and easy to get on amazon. and they have pockets, too.
-alexa and apple tv: I was against both of those things for so long, but having a good speaker in my kitchen to play music (instead of just on my phone) and the convenience of apple tv to connect to my phone and show videos and pictures has been so so great!

I know I could go on, but I need to call it stops. But I’m thankful for this day that reminds me to slow down and stop and think about the blessings that fill in my days.