November 2, 2019

freshman tennis

Kacin joined the freshman tennis team this year. He started taking lessons this summer with a friend and decided it would be fun to join the team at his high school.

This girl joined me at cheering for Kacin (and his friends) at just about every match.

She already loves to steal my phone to "take pictures of me."

This face!

It's been such a good experience for Kacin. Though he openly admits that he's there more for the people and being on the team than the game.

He won just about all of his matches throughout the season.

I think he loved the fact that he was following in my footsteps. We got a good laugh out of my 9th grade tennis picture.

Kacin would've crushed my 9th grade self in any match.

That cheese face of hers loved to run around throwing tennis balls, climbing on bleachers, eating snacks, playing with her sister, and escaping on to the courts when she got a chance.

Kacin grew so much this season. I loved watching him.

Seeing him play with his teammates and friends made me happy. Tennis is a good game to know and to play over your lifetime. I'm glad he has friends who enjoy it, too.

Yay for a great season, Pumas!