November 8, 2019

cross country season at an end

Kyler loved being on the cross country team and we loved cheering him on at all of the races.

I still think runners are incredible people. And so many of them!

Kyler made sure to flash me a smile every time he ran by me.

This race at Fountain Hills was the prettiest race. So lovely to run around the lake.

The last meet I got to watch him at was in Queen Creek. Do you see him there holding on to his hip? About half way through the season his hip starting giving him some trouble. He tried resting and icing and pushing through the pain. Unfortunately, the end of the season didn't quite go as he hoped because of it, but he tried hard and worked hard and did what he could.

He had a big cheering section at this meet. It was so sweet of all of these guys to come and support him.

They did a good job of embarrassing him.

We love you, Kyler!

Brinny and her papa after the meet... He fell asleep on the couch and so she climbed over on him, gave him a big kiss, he woke up, and then she put her fingers to her lips and said "shhh," because Papa was sleeping.