November 18, 2019

boo bash and the farm

It’s finally time to revisit some Halloween things on here.

The kids were both so excited to attend their school’s  Boo Bash. There were games, treats, prizes, and a haunted house.

Layla and I volunteered after school to create this balloon arch for the festival. 

We also spent a morning at Vertuccio Farms. It’s becoming more of a novelty to spend time all together as a family without extra kids with us or somebody missing so it was lovely to have a morning together as a family to relax and play.

I had to make a conscious effort not to compare Arizona farms, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches with those of the Pacific Northwest. Clearly, Arizona will never compare in that department. But as far as Arizona farms this one was perfect for us.

Brinna wanted nothing to do with standing next to the sign.

But she was very happy to hold a pumpkin.

I love these five kids so much.

Since our wristbands were good for the whole day, that night I went back with Kacin and a couple of his friends and then one of my friends and her boys to do the corn maze at night. 

The boo bash and the farm gave us a good taste of fall in Arizona.