November 30, 2019

black friday

(We took Layla on a special date to see Frozen 2 the day after it came out. How lucky we felt to have time with just her! She is a beautiful, fun girl through and through.)

My closet is covered with shopping bags. And it smells very much like bath and body works. 

I hate shopping any other day. But I love Black Friday shopping. 

This year I went out Thursday night and then again on Friday. I know the places I always go to—bath and body works, cafe rio, target, Harkins, michaels, etc.

Meanwhile, back at home Eric is researching from his phone. So some things we buy online and some things we get in the stores.

Some years we don’t spend that much and keep things super simple. This Christmas we got a little bit excited and went above the norm. (And we now have a years supply of cafe rio gift cards...) But I am happy to say that we pretty much have all of the shopping done. One crazy day of shopping. but that will allow us a few weeks of peace and focusing on what we really want to focus on this Christmas season—family and our Savior.