October 28, 2019

universal studios

Just a few weeks after we got back from our trip to California for Kyler’s cross country meet, we headed back again to spend some time at universal studios.

I have never been to California so many times in one year! But when I took the boys in January we got year passes at basically the same price so we wanted to make sure we used them at least one more time. So we drove there on a Sunday and listened to general conference as we drove. We went straight to universal studios and spent an afternoon there and then went back there for most of the day on Monday, too.

This is what you should know about universal studios Hollywood: You can do everything you want to do in a day easily. The park hours are short but there isn’t a whole lot to do and the rides are all mostly the same concept so you can get it all in. The mummy ride and Harry Potter are the two best rides. Though the back lot tour and Jurassic world are pretty fun too. Most rides have a single rider line that you should definitely take advantage of. Harry Potter as a single rider makes the most sense because you really can’t even see who you are sitting next to the whole time anyway. But when you go in the Harry Potter single rider line you miss seeing all of the amazing details of Hogwarts castle which is part of the fun.

Universal studios has an upper and lower lot and it takes a ridiculous amount of time and movement to get to one part or the other. Personally I didn’t mind climbing up and down the 345 stairs (most people take the escalators but I prefer the stairs), but it takes a good chunk of time and energy it’s more difficult to run between rides that are up verses down.

Most brilliant thing I did was not bring a purse. I wore my yoga pants with pockets. That way you don’t have to waste time putting your stuff in lockers (at least two of the rides you have to put your stuff in the lockers before riding).

The details of Harry Potter land are amazing and it is fun to look through all of the shops. Especially if you are going with a Harry Potter fan who will geek out with you.

We drank butterbeer both days. The frozen butterbeer is to die for! Ridiculously expensive but still worth it. We got one each day. And made our theme song and music video in honor of the Buttterbeer.

We spent Sunday evening with Jenny. I’m so glad we’ve gotten to see her so often this year. We love hanging out with her at our house. Then for breakfast on Monday we walked to La Brea bakery—the croissants are the best! I’ve loved all of the food I’ve had there.

We drove right back home Monday night. It was a quick trip, but so glad we got to go!