October 29, 2019

my new favorite place in our house

My books!

While I still dream of the library from beauty and the beast, this book case is the next best thing. It took us three years and an ikea hack (and the finishing touches still need to go on it so don’t look too closely), but I finally have a place to house most of my books. And I love it so much. It makes me the happiest every time I walk by it, pull a book off the shelves, or put a book away.

Eric worked hard on building it while I was on one of the California trips with three of the kids. We came home to this and the girls had a blast playing in it for a night.

Then I got to arrange the shelves and organize the books.

And now it is a favorite place to be.

“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.” 
—Jorge Luis Borges